430 Stainless Steel

Louisville 430 Stainless Steel Slitting — Everything You Need to Know

  Type 430 stainless steel is, by far, one of the most popular straight-chromium stainless steels. It is considered ferritic stainless steel containing high chromium, low carbon, and very little nickel content. It has anti-corrosive properties approaching that of 304/ 304L stainless steel coils. The grade is useful for a variety of internal and external

What You Should Know About 430 Stainless Steel: Insights from a Dallas, TX, Stainless Steel Slitting Company

  Grade 430 stainless steel is by far the most sought-after non-hardenable, straight chromium type of stainless steel. It is a general-purpose alloy that falls under the ferritic stainless steel class. Type 430 offers an excellent combination of (mild) atmospheric corrosion resistance and formability, with many useful mechanical properties. This grade of stainless steel can