The Differences Between 304 and 304L Stainless Steel: Insights from a St Louis, MO Stainless Steel Slitting Company

   Type 304 and 304L are commonly used austenitic stainless steel. These are relatively low cost, extremely formidable, and resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Both types have similar chemical and mechanical properties, but the main difference lies in their carbon content. You might be wondering, what makes these two stainless steels so versatile, and what are

What You Should Know About 430 Stainless Steel: Insights from a Dallas, TX, Stainless Steel Slitting Company

  Grade 430 stainless steel is by far the most sought-after non-hardenable, straight chromium type of stainless steel. It is a general-purpose alloy that falls under the ferritic stainless steel class. Type 430 offers an excellent combination of (mild) atmospheric corrosion resistance and formability, with many useful mechanical properties. This grade of stainless steel can

Roll Forming Stainless and Aluminum

  Stainless Steel and Aluminum are strong yet malleable metals. With its vast array of processing capabilities NKS provides quality material fit for your intended application. A great use of the flexibility of Stainless Steel and Aluminum is the process of Roll Forming. Roll Forming steel is the continuous bending of a metal strip at

Stainless Steel in Finned Tubing

  What are Finned Tubes? Finned Tubes are a series of tubes used in applications involving the transfer of heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid through a tube wall. In other words, finned tubes use their “fins” to increase the surface area against which the outside fluid comes in contact. The tube

New York Stainless Steel and Aluminum Slitting

  Are you looking for customized metal slitting solutions in New York? Need a reliable stainless steel or aluminum distributor to become an extension to your business? Or you are just someone who needs to produce aluminum products? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. At