Insight From a Chicago Stainless Steel Slitting Company: How Quality Stainless Steel Slits Are Produced



High-quality stainless steel and other specialty metals are essential to various products within the US and around the world. In fact, as new materials are developed or existing alloys are upgraded suppliers are asked to slit more and more varieties of stainless steel.  In order to efficiently slit most varieties of stainless steel and obtain high quality products, manufacturers need to understand the characteristics of stainless steel grades. With that being said, how do you, as a customer, know if you’re ordering a high quality batch of Chicago slit stainless steel? ...

Slitting 304 Stainless and Aluminum for Our California Customers



Slit metal coil is used in numerous applications — from HVAC ducts, to roof drainpipes, to architectural trim, to lighting fixtures, and more. However, while the process of slitting metal may seem fairly straightforward at first, there are numerous steps where it could go wrong. In this article, we’re going to provide a brief overview of the process and the problems that may occur during manufacturing. ...

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