NKS Slitting 301 Stainless Steel

  Almost everyone inside and outside the manufacturing industry is familiar with what stainless steel is. But, so many of us are not aware of the fact that there are several different varieties of stainless steel — grade 301 being one of them. It is quite a popular choice amongst different manufacturers, as its versatility

Stainless Steel in the Manufacturing of HVAC Equipment

  HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The job of HVAC equipment is to move air between outdoor and indoor spaces. This can include heating and cooling both residential and commercial property. This process is called ventilation. So, whether it is the dead of winter, or the heat of the summer, HVAC significantly

Aluminum Slitting Services

  Aluminum, being a lightweight metal, is widely used for a variety of purposes across a number of different industries. Precision slit aluminum coils are used in many manufacturing sectors such as, automotive, computer hardware, airplane parts, window frames, signage, and much more. At National Kwikmetal Service (NKS), we have a massive inventory with several


  Metal Springs can be found in almost every industry in the world. They can be found in materials used by the food industry, medical sector, piping, oil and gas, aerospace and beyond. Springs should have properties like, high strength, high elasticity, corrosion resistance, formability, fatigue strength and, in some cases, magnetic permeability and electrical

Stainless Steel and the Environment

  STAINLESS STEEL IS GREEN Well, it might not be the COLOR green but it is considered an Environmentally Sustainable material. The environmental impact of a given material is often a major factor in the application of that material. Look no further than Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is 100% Recyclable. And there are three specific