NKS has developed a Quality Control System to insure that we supply our customers with the highest quality stainless steel coils that meet all of their specifications. Our Quality Assurance Policy has established guidelines for providing product and services that exceed customer expectations. We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Our management team and all of our employees are committed to constantly improving our service and our quality system.

NKS Quality Policy:

National Kwikmetal Service is committed to the continuous improvement of our quality system. Our goal is to provide high quality materials and services that meet all applicable requirements.

NKS Commitment to Quality and the Environment

NKS’s executive management is committed to providing the resources and leadership required to ensure that the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System function as intended. To fulfill the stated purpose of the organization, NKS will:

  1. Ensure a safe workplace and foster a responsible and helpful attitude toward fellow workers.
  2. Address customer requirements, concerns and inquiries in a responsive and professional manner.
  3. Communicate to the entire organization the quality objectives, environmental objectives, and environmental targets of the company.
  4. Instill within the organization a Quality Philosophy and Environmental Sensitivity with an emphasis on continuous improvement.
  5. Provide the necessary tools, training and review in all areas including Supervision, Production, and Sales, to ensure that NKS QMS and EMS objectives and targets are achieved.
  6. Ensure Management conducts regular reviews for continuing suitability of the objectives, policies and procedures contained within the quality program.