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Aluminum 101: A Complete Guide from NKS, an Aluminum Slitting Company in Irvine, California

  Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, and it’s used in a variety of applications. From construction materials to aircraft components, aluminum has become increasingly important in the manufacturing world due to its lightweight properties and corrosion resistance. Below, this aluminum slitting company in Irvine, California is going to explain what

Why Is Location Important When Choosing a Metal Service Center? Insights from NKS, an Aluminum Slitting Company in Seattle, Washington

  In a sense, today’s world is shrinking. Technological advancements are creating a global marketplace where manufacturers can get the metal products they need from anywhere in the world. But just because that is possible, that doesn’t mean it’s also feasible. Considering your service provider’s location is crucial when sourcing the best metal products for

Aluminum Applications in the Furniture Industry: Insights from NKS, an Aluminum Slitting Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  Aluminum is a versatile material that is used widely throughout the United States for manufacturing furniture. It offers natural beauty and durability, and it is also relatively lightweight, making it well-suited for furniture manufacturers. If you are a manufacturer in the furniture industry that is looking for a reliable metal supplier to accelerate your

Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel Nameplates: Insights from an Aluminum Slitting Company in Richmond, Virginia

  Custom nameplates are a critical component in various industries. These nameplates help communicate vital information, and quality production ensures greater longevity of these nameplates. When trying to decide on the right base metal to manufacture nameplates in Richmond, most people narrow their choices down to two metals: stainless steel and aluminum. Each of these