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Dry Film Lube (DFL) use in stainless steels

Dry-film lube (DFL) is a coating that is applied to the strip surface via a coil coating operation. They are used in stamping or forming operations as is without the use of any additional drawing oil or compound. Acrylic DFLs are the most commonly used for severe drawing applications such as stainless steels.

Ductile Failure

Three sample parts from the material identified above were forwarded to my attention for review. Each part had a minor blemish that was identified with a black indelible marker. The condition was very faint and did not appear to be the result of non-metallic inclusions.

Substituting JYH21CT for 304

This material represents a concerted effort by Pacific Rim raw material manufactures to develop cookware grades that have no or low Ni content. The impetus for this effort has been driven by volatile and surging Ni prices. The data sheet extensively documents the corrosion, fabrication and performance characteristics of this alloy compared to Type 304 Substituting JYH21CT for 304

ASTM Specification A480 – What is it?

ASTM A480 is the specification that covers the general requirements for flat-rolled stainless and heat-resisting steel plate, sheet and strip. It does not reference or control the chemical and mechanical property requirements of specific stainless or heat-resistant grades. The A480 specification is referenced in stainless steel flat-rolled specifications ASTM A167, A176, A240, A666 and A693. ASTM Specification A480 – What is it?

Certification of salt spray performance of stainless steel strip

The salt spray performance of a stainless steel flat rolled product is not solely dependent on chemical composition.  Exposure to contaminants during fabrication of the strip and subsequent processing of the strip into parts can greatly affect the salt spray performance of a finished part.  NKS is not aware of any producing mill source that Certification of salt spray performance of stainless steel strip