ASTM Specification A480 – What is it?

ASTM A480 is the specification that covers the general requirements for flat-rolled stainless and heat-resisting steel plate, sheet and strip. It does not reference or control the chemical and mechanical property requirements of specific stainless or heat-resistant grades. The A480 specification is referenced in stainless steel flat-rolled specifications ASTM A167, A176, A240, A666 and A693. ASTM A480 controls the ordering, processing, heat and product check analysis, finish, inspection and testing, workmanship, packaging and marking and many physical requirements for the product. Physical requirements include thickness and width tolerances, camber, flatness and out of square requirements for sheets. These requirements provide control of the manufacture and define physical limits for flat-rolled stainless products. These limits remain in force except when superseded by customer specifications or purchase order endorsements.