Nickel Slitting

How Is Nickel Used to Make Batteries? Insights from NKS — a Nickel Coil Slitting Company in Atlanta, Georgia

  Nickel is a versatile metal that has become increasingly important in various industries, including battery production. The use of nickel in batteries has grown significantly in recent years due to its high energy density, long life, and low cost. However, before nickel can be used in battery production, it must be processed, or ‘slit’,

How is Nickel Used in Architecture? Insights from NKS, a Nickel Coil Slitting Company in Charlotte, North Carolina

  In the architectural field, there is a long history of incorporating beautiful and durable materials into various designs. Nickel is one such material that is widely used in construction and architecture thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and malleability. Are you interested in learning more about this unique material? If so, you’ve come

What Is Nickel? Insights from NKS, a Nickel Coil Slitting Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  Nickel is a metallic element found in nature that has many uses and applications. It is a silver-white metal that is strong, malleable, ductile, and resistant to corrosion. Given its unique properties and versatility, nickel is commonly used in a wide range of industries today — from the medical field to the aerospace industry