What Are the Best Metals for Welding? Insights from NKS, a Stainless Steel Slitting Company in St. Paul, Minnesota

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Welding is the process of manipulating a metal for a specific use in various industries. So, whether you are a manufacturer in the automotive, construction, packaging, oil and gas, or aviation sector, welding can be used for numerous applications. However, the quality of the product ultimately depends on the metal you choose, the welding methods used, and the welder’s skill level. In a manufacturing setting, you shouldn’t just grab any metal and start welding with a MIG torch. Knowledge and expertise are key to achieving success.

To help give you a better idea as to which metal you should consider using for your welding project, this stainless steel slitting company in St. Paul, Minnesota is going to review some of the most popular options below.


Steel is probably the most used metal for welding processes. Since it is high in tensile strength, it can resist extreme stress before breaking down. The metal is relatively affordable and easy to obtain from a stainless steel slitting company in St. Paul, Minnesota, making it a popular choice among welders.

Depending on your project, you can utilize carbon steel, stainless steel, or high, medium, and low-carbon steel for optimal processing.

  • Versatility
  • Ductility
  • Cost-Effective Welding

Stainless Steel

One of the commonly used steel varieties for welding purposes is stainless steel. Based on your applications, you can choose from numerous stainless steel grades, as each one serves its purpose. Plus, you can yield different results, depending on your end-use, with diverse welding processes.

Austenitic and ferritic stainless steel types are the most commonly used for welding operations. If you need help choosing the right grade for your unique applications, you can always get in touch with a reputable stainless steel slitting company in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  • Lower Carbon and Chromium Content
  • Higher Titanium Amounts
  • Most Popular Choice


Aluminum is yet another non-corrosive metal, just like stainless steel, and is ideal for welding. Mostly used are aluminum alloys and pure aluminum for high-powered and oxide-free welding performances. Also, since its base contains a natural oxide coating, aluminum can easily attract impurities, which is why it must be thoroughly cleaned before use to avoid porosity.

  • Popular Filler Metal
  • Easiest to Weld
  • Can Be Alloyed with Other Metals


Copper, also known for its high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, is another popular metal used for welding. It is a crucial engineering metal that gives a distinct aesthetic appearance and can be combined with brazing and soldering in addition to welding. The fabrication process is a little tricky but isn’t hard for expert welders.

  • Impressive Thermal and Electrical Conductivity
  • Different Copper Alloys Are Available for Different Uses


Another commonly used metal for welding is titanium, which is corrosion-resistant and high in strength. It requires specialized techniques, unlike aluminum or steel, and utilizes specific equipment and safety measures to handle the procedure thoroughly.

Inadequate welding prep and oxygen in the welding zone renders titanium useless since it is a reactive metal and can burn quickly in the presence of oxygen (at 1112°F).

  • Excellent Toughness
  • Best Strength-to-Density Ratio

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