On-Site Metallurgical Lab Testing; Services from a Minneapolis Stainless Steel and Aluminum Coil, Strip and Roll Distributor and Company

Metallurgical lab testing service


Metallurgy, in general, is a multidisciplinary science of studying the physical and chemical components of metals and their alloys. Metallurgical lab testing services employ teams of qualified scientists, engineers, and/or technicians to work with clients from varying sectors. Generally, these labs cater to customers from diverse fields such as aerospace, automotive, construction, medical industries, and more.

Metallurgical labs use state of the art equipment to perform several crucial tests: corrosion testing, chemical analysis, failure testing, fatigue testing, surface finish, tensile, hardness, bend, weld testing, metallography, etc. The testing staff is highly skilled for these specialized tasks, and they work every day to ensure the safety of different materials in the lab.

At NKS, we have our own on-site metallurgical lab testing services for clients to take advantage of. Our experts help verify the safety as well as the integrity of different materials. We understand that metals may be prone to changing their microstructure over time, making it even more essential for clients to inspect their materials for any defects.

The Advantages of Having an On-Site Metallurgical Lab

Manufacturing any parts and equipment is quite a complicated procedure, often approached right from the molecular level. This allows for the manufacturing outputs to be more stable and reliable. Having an on-site lab like ours helps you optimize the metal’s capabilities before getting it to the slitters or final production. It helps you check the material’s consistency to meet your demands with precision. A metallurgical analysis makes sure that the metal used for a particular application meets the designated specifications for its end-use.

At NKS, we understand how many processes a metal must go through to be ready for various applications. We have our own lab to test metals, so we can make sure they qualify for different uses without compromising quality. That’s the most basic, yet crucial function of a metallurgy lab.

Different techniques are employed to assess how useful or exhausted the metal is. We perform necessary tests during the next business day of receiving the query on flat-rolled stainless steel as well as aluminum. Each report is released only after thoroughly evaluating it for compliance with your specifications.

Testing Equipment

Our on-site metallurgical services can test your metals to make sure everything is in good shape. But in order to carry out the process quickly and accurately, the facility must be equipped with the right top-quality apparatus.

At National Kwikmetal Service, we have all the necessary equipment to provide full-spectrum tests for our customers. These include the following:

  • The Instron 11.25KN Tension Testeris used to determine elongation and tensile
  • The SPECTROMAXx M BT Metal Analyzerdetermines type 200, 300, and 400 stainless steel’s chemical compositions.
  • Buehler Macromet 5121 Rockwell Tester, as the name suggests, tests for Rockwell B and C as well as Superficial T and N series.
  • Finally, we have the Mitutoyo Profilometerthat examines the surface of the strips.

We utilize only the safest equipment to offer you reliable products and services.

NKS Metallurgical Lab Services in Minneapolis for Stainless Steel and Aluminum Coil, Rolls and Strips

At NKS, we’re a premier provider of metallurgical services, and we are a go-to source for anyone who may require best-in-class testing. Our on-site metallurgical lab services provide clients with the needed peace of mind. Testing ensures that the final product may perform safely and conform to relevant codes or industry standards.

Call us today at 1800-722-5029 (toll-free) to learn more about our services. You can also request a quote online and receive an estimate to make the best choice. But before you do, make sure to check out our requirements for the sample size to avoid any confusion. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs!