How Is Aluminum Used in Cars? Insights from NKS, an Automotive Aluminum Supplier in Detroit, Michigan

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In the automotive industry, aluminum is an incredibly important material. It provides durability and strength to car parts while being relatively lightweight. As a result, it’s become increasingly popular among automakers for constructing components such as bodies and engine blocks.

Below, this automotive aluminum supplier in Detroit, Michigan is going to explore the various ways in which aluminum is used in auto manufacturing, and we’ll also discuss the benefits it provides.

Vehicle Frame and Structure

One of the most important components of any car is its frame and structure, which provides support for the entire vehicle. In recent years, aluminum has become an increasingly attractive option due to its affordability, lightweight nature, and durability.

The type of aluminum that auto manufacturers use for these parts depends on several factors, including cost, strength, and weight. If you need help determining the right option, a reputable automotive aluminum supplier in Detroit, Michigan will be happy to assist you.

Engine Components

Aluminum is also being increasingly used to create engine components — such as cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and valve covers.

This is because aluminum parts are lighter than traditional steel components, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. They also possess excellent heat-dissipating properties, which allows them to stand up better to the high temperatures generated by car engines.

Electrical Wiring

Aluminum is also used for electrical wiring in automobiles. The metal's excellent electrical conductivity, combined with its lightweight nature, make it an ideal choice for many applications.

It can be used to create a wide variety of automotive components like spark plug wires, starter motors, and alternators. In addition, aluminum wiring has superior corrosion resistance, which allows it to last longer than traditional copper wiring.


Aluminum is also used to produce wheels. Wheels that are created with aluminum provide superior strength, and they are designed to endure extreme driving conditions while still offering a lightweight, stylish look.

The use of aluminum alloy also allows them to be more cost-effective than steel or other metals that are typically used in wheel manufacturing.

Air Conditioning Condenser and Pipes

Another common use of aluminum in the automotive industry is for air conditioner condensers and pipes. Aluminum is lightweight and has excellent heat transfer capabilities, which makes it an ideal material for cooling systems in automobiles.

When processed by a reputable automotive aluminum supplier in Detroit, Michigan, the material is also highly resistant to corrosion, which helps protect the air conditioning system from damage due to moisture. Additionally, depending on which supplier you work with, aluminum alloy is typically much more affordable than other materials that are used for the same purpose — such as stainless steel or copper.

These qualities make aluminum an attractive choice when designing and manufacturing car parts that need to be durable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Cylinder Heads

One of the most common uses of aluminum in the automotive industry is for cylinder heads. Cylinder heads are an important part of car engines, as they house valves that control the flow of fuel to the engine's cylinders.

Given the fact that aluminum is lightweight yet strong, it is an ideal material for this purpose. It allows for precise shaping during manufacturing, and it also provides superior heat transfer characteristics due to its low thermal conductivity. Additionally, aluminum can be machined easily and quickly, which helps manufacturers reduce production costs.

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