Six Quick Facts About Aluminum: Insights from NKS, an Aluminum Slitting Company in Charlotte, North Carolina

Aluminum slitting company in Charlotte North Carolina


From soda cans to spacecraft components, aluminum is used in many applications today. Much like stainless steel, it has become a preferred material among manufacturers in nearly all industries. Despite its popularity, there are quite a few common misconceptions about the material. To help set the record straight, this aluminum slitting company in Charlotte, North Carolina is going to provide six facts about the metal below that might surprise you.

1. Aluminum Is Abundantly Available

Aluminum is an abundantly available metal in the earth’s crust, and it is widely used across industries around the world. Since it is so widely available, its costs are relatively reasonable, and you can find aluminum coils that are readily available from most aluminum slitting companies in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, as a manufacturer, it’s important to partner with a supplier who can provide the exact grade you need while also upholding the highest quality standards.

2. Aluminum Is Lighter Than Steel

Aluminum weighs one-third less than steel. In other words, if a block of steel weighs 100 pounds, the same block of aluminum would weigh just 66 pounds. These lightweight properties of aluminum make it one of the most commonly used materials for numerous manufacturing processes across the globe.

3. Aluminum Doesn’t Rust as Easily

Since its composition doesn’t contain iron, aluminum doesn’t form rust as easily as other materials. This makes the metal a popular choice for many applications, especially in outdoor applications where moisture might be a factor. Furthermore, the material can easily withstand heat, cold, snow, rain, and humidity.

4. Aluminum is 100% Recyclable

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, and it is considered the most sustainable metal. In fact, it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its strength. Aluminum can be smelted, and nearly all the metal can be reused without producing any waste.

5. Aluminum Is Heat Resistant

Aluminum is highly resistant to heat. It takes more than 1,220°F to smelt the metal. After this, it starts to weaken and change color. While aluminum isn’t as strong as copper or stainless steel, it performs relatively well under heat — and it’s also much more cost effective when you order from the right aluminum slitting company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

6. Aluminum Is Highly Ductile

Aluminum is highly malleable and is easy to shape. Its ductility allows shaping the material into intricate shapes in its molten state. It can be produced in sheets, wires, rods, and more, depending on what you require. Even with basic tools and minimal pressure, you can mold the metal into the needed structures for a wide range of applications.

Common Applications of Aluminum

Aluminum has excellent elasticity, weldability, a high strength-to-weight ratio, and outstanding corrosion resistance. It is versatile, durable, and sustainable. The myriad uses of aluminum include construction, architecture, consumer electronics, industrial appliances, power transmission lines, aircraft components, ships, trains, personal vehicles, and much more. It provides a clean aesthetic, it’s affordable, and it’s dependable. Aluminum is available in several different grades, which is why it’s best to consult with a reputable aluminum slitting company in Charlotte, North Carolina to make sure you get the right grade for your applications.

Looking for an Aluminum Slitting Company in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Aluminum is a widely utilized metal for numerous processes. However, before you order aluminum, it’s important to find a dependable metal supplier who can procure the right grade for your needs.

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