Why Should You Choose Aluminum When Producing Nameplates? Insights from NKS Aluminum Slitting Company in Baltimore, Maryland

Aluminum slitting company in Baltimore Maryland


Aluminum is the most popular material choice for many nameplate and badge manufacturers in North America. Identification plates made from aluminum are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including food service equipment, heavy industrial machinery, furniture, automobiles, and much more. Aluminum plates are preferred over many other materials because these are designed to thrive under the most extreme environments.

Below, this aluminum slitting company in Baltimore, Maryland is going to discuss some of the main reasons why manufacturers should consider using aluminum to produce nameplates.

Aluminum for Nameplates

Aluminum nameplates can withstand abrasion, corrosion, solvents, chemical attack, and extreme temperatures. Plus, aluminum is a 100% recyclable material, making for an attractive option from a sustainability point of view. This also offers you a competitive business advantage in the long run.

High quality aluminum nameplates are rugged yet lightweight, and they are ideal for industrial uses. These can be fabricated to custom specifications by a reputable aluminum slitting company in Baltimore, Maryland and they thrive in all types of working environments. They provide years of service life, better legibility with graphics, improved adhesion, and an attractive finish. You can also implement serialized numbering or embossed graphics at considerably lower tooling costs.

So, when you need to produce nameplates that are rigid, durable, and remain legible even in the most demanding conditions, aluminum is the ideal choice. This metal saves you time and money in the long-run, as it’s both high performing and long-lasting.

Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel

When compared to stainless steel, aluminum dents more easily and is not quite as sturdy. However, its advantages often outweigh the drawbacks. An alternative nameplate material like as stainless steel is heavy, bulky, a bit more expensive, and less customizable. On the other hand, aluminum plates are low-cost, versatile, and can commendably be exposed to inclement weather, physical pressure, heat, cold, oil, and dirt.

If you are not sure which material is best suited for your end-use, you can always contact a reputable aluminum slitting company in Baltimore, Maryland for assistance. Their metallurgists can help clear any of your doubts as to which metal would be better for your needs.


In most cases, aluminum is the ideal material when it comes to producing nameplates. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision. Some of the things you might want to consider include the metal’s weight, the conditions it will be subjected to, the project costs, and more. If you’ve determined that aluminum is the right choice for your project, the next step is to contact an experienced aluminum supplier — like National Kwikmetal Service — to get the process started.

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