The Use of Stainless Steel Coil in Medical Applications: Insights from NKS a Stainless Steel Slitting Company in Austin, Texas

  The use of stainless steel coil has become increasingly popular in the medical field in recent years, especially in making high-quality and sterile medical devices and equipment. Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, long-term durability, and good mechanical properties, which are just a few of the characteristics that make it well-suited for medical applications.

New Facility in Windsor, Connecticut Opening August 2022

Banner Industries (Banner) is pleased to announce the opening of its latest distribution and manufacturing facility in Windsor, Connecticut. All 6 divisions of Banner  –  Banner Commercial; Banner Medical; Banner P & M Supply; Edge International; NKS/National Kwikmetal Service; Supra Alloys  –  will be utilizing this 52,000 SF warehouse, strategically located just minutes from Hartford-Bradley

The Use of Stainless Steel in the Construction Industry: Insights from NKS a Stainless Steel Slitting Company in Columbus, Ohio

  Stainless steel is a versatile, 100% recyclable, and sustainable building material. In fact, it is one of the most essential metals used in the construction industry today. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, provides a smooth surface, is easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance, and complements the surrounding materials in most structures. All these